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"As more of a literary than a musical person, I listen to lyrics intensely and each time I listen to your CD I find another description or turn of phrase to admire. I am amazed at the feelings and, really, whole stories that are contained in these songs. But, that is not to minimize the pleasure of the music and your lovely voices."

"Thanks for a really fine performance at the Folk Project [Festival] . It was the first time I had heard your music and truly enjoyed every minute. I've been playing your CD here at work and it certainly helps to move the day along."

"Peter, this album is so moving. Song after song, I'm getting chills, tears, laughs, all of it. I think of my dear daughter [in] California whom I miss. I think of how very lucky I am to be living here in nature's bounty with loved ones all around. On and on. You are a word wizard. Very tastefully produced and mixed also, not over done and heavy. Deb, your voice is amazing, so clear and true. It is a pleasure to listen to."

"The poetry of Peter's lyrics expresses observations and feelings that will deeply connect with every listener."

"Deb's voice brings a unique, unexpected harmony that creates its own amazing melody."

"Peter and Deb perform from the heart.  You just know that the sound reflects the souls of the performers."

" Kudos to Peter and Deb for a great job, well done. Been listening to the CD all week in my car. Very clever, thoughtful lyrics and beautiful harmonies. Quite the storyteller, Peter. Can’t pick a favorite just yet. I love “The Nearsighted Poet”. Makes me grin every time it plays. And “The Vegetable with Feet” is hilarious. Deb's beautiful voice is so perfect on “Here in This Place” and “York, Maine”, it almost makes me want to move back to New England."